Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology

Santhakumar Lab Members


Principal Investigator
Viji Santhakumar, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Office Phone: 951-827-2010
Lab Phone: 951-827-2008

Email:  vijayalakshmi.santhakumar@ucr.edu

Postdoctoral Fellow
Akshay Gupta, Ph.D.
Email:  akshay.gupta@ucr.edu
 My main goal is to broaden the bridge between clinical and basic research by practicing neurology as a physician scientist. Brain injury research provides me with the opportunity to investigate the basic mechanisms of clinically relevant disorders and to treat, possibly cure, the suffering of patients.

I have been actively engaged in experimental research for the last year. The question that I sought to address is whether changes in synaptic and extrasynaptic (tonic) inhibition in specific hippocampal neuronal subtypes may contribute to physiological abnormalities in the injured hippocampus.

Post-doctoral fellowship research is funded by:
New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research (NJCBIR)                                  

Postdoctoral Fellow
Deepak Subramanian, Ph.D.
Email:  deepak.s@ucr.edu

Synchronization of large neuronal networks via oscillations is key in binding various attributes of stimuli such as color, shape etc. to produce a coherent perceptual experience. While synchronization of networks is considered to be an integral part of higher order brain functions, minor perturbations in such synchronization tends to result in psychological and neurological illnesses. Epilepsy, is one such condition that involves precise orchestration of hyperexcitable ensembles of neurons. My primary interest is to understand such network interactions in epilepsy with emphasis on interneuronal functions.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Archana Proddutur
Email:  archana.proddutur@ucr.edu
My research during Masters was focused on determining how seizure-induced alterations in inhibitory neurons, especially basket cells intrinsic and extrinsic GABA currents modulate dentate network rhythms and synchrony. Taking this knowledge further, my PhD thesis focuses on how diverse population of interneurons contribute to cellular mechanisms of memory patterns and the effect of their dysfunction in epilepsy using optogenetics and computational tools.
Graduate Student 
Milad Afrasiabi 
Email:  mafrasi@ucr.edu
Graduate Student 
Lucas Corrubia
Email:  lcorrub@ucr.edu
Graduate Student 
Susan Nguyen
Email:  snguy065@ucr.edu


Research Assistant 
Dipika Sekhar
Email:  dipika.sekhar@ucr.edu
Undergraduate Students

Previous members

Takahiro Ito

Archana Jayakumar

Samik Shah Radia

Abdul Wahab

Fatima Elgammal

Jiandong Yu

Jenieve Guevarra

Akshata Korgaonkar

Ghazal Rashidi

Eric J. Neuberger


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