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Neuroscience Seminars

Fall Quarter 2018


NRSC 287

Date & Time
October 9th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium
Mark WuDepartment of Neuroscience,
Johns Hopkins University
"Circadian Regulation of Sleep and Arousal in Flies and Mice"
Hongdian Yang
October 16th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Gyorgy Lur, Department of Neurobiology & Behavior,
University of California, Irvine
"Stress-induced Degradation of a Multi-modal Circuit"
Eddie Zagha
October 23rd, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Byungkook Lim, Department of Biological Sciences,
University of California, San Diego
"Roles of Distinct Ventral Pallidal Circuits in Depression and Addiction"
Garret Anderson
October 30th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium

Katherine Stavropoulos, Graduate School of Education,
University of California, Riverside
"Social Reward in Autism: Past, Present, and Future"

Aaron Seitz

November 13th, Tuesday 4:00pm

Genomics Auditorium Johnny Figueroa, School of Medicine,
Loma Linda University
"Food for Thought: Vulnerabilities, Mechanisms, and the Impact of Obesogenic Diets on Cognition"
Mike Adams

November 20th, Tuesday 4:00pm

Genomics Auditorium Mohammed Shehata, Biology & Biological Engineering,
"Multiplex Memories: Storage and Manipulation"
Eddie Zagha
November 27th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Jun Ding, School of Medicine,
Stanford University
"Corticostriatal Synaptic Plasticity in Motor Learning and Fine Movement Control"
Garret Anderson
December 4th, Tuesday 4:00pm        Genomics Auditorium Yuki Oka, Department of Biology,
"Neural Circuits for Body Fluid Homeostasis"
Sachiko Haga-Yamanaka


See also http://psych.ucr.edu/psych_talks/showtalks.php?qtr=F15&series=1 for the Cognitive Neuroscience seminar schedule sponsored by the Department of Psychology.


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