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Spring Quarter 2019


NRSC 287

Date & Time
April 2nd, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium

Jun-Hyeong Cho, Dept. of Molecular, Cell, and Systems Biology, UCR
"Encoding of Associative Fear Memory in Engram Cell Pathways"

Mike Adams
April 16th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium
Jaewon Ko, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology
"Control of Activity-dependent GABAergic Synapse Development"
Garret Anderson
April 23rd, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium
Workshop on Imagining of Deep Brain Structures - Inscopix, Sponsored by Inscopix, Inc.
Hongdian Yang
April 30th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium

Ron Yu, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City
"What is Critical of the Critical Period in Olfactory System Development?"

Sachiko Haga-Yamanaka

May 7th, Tuesday 4:00pm

Genomics Auditorium
Nick DiPatrizio, Div. Biomedical Sciences, UCR
"Endocannabinoids and the Gut-Brain Control of Feeding Behavior"
Mike Adams

May 14th, Tuesday 4:00pm

Genomics Auditorium Alexandre Bonnin, USC
"Stress and Inflammation Effects on the Placenta-fetal Brain Axis: An Early Neurotransmitter Perspective"
Hongdian Yang
May 21st, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Ueli Rutishauser, Cedar Sinai, Los Angeles
"Deciphering the Neuronal Mechanisms of Human Episodic Memory at the Single-Neuron Level"
Viji Santhakumar
May 28th, Tuesday 4:00pm        Genomics Auditorium Marcus Kaul, Div. Biomedical Sciences, UCR
Mike Adams
June 4th, Tuesday 4:00pm   Genomics Auditorium

Balsomero Olivera, Dept of Biology, University of Utah
"Cone Snail Venom Peptides: From Biodiversity to Drug Development"

Mike Adams


See also http://psych.ucr.edu/psych_talks/showtalks.php?qtr=F15&series=1 for the Cognitive Neuroscience seminar schedule sponsored by the Department of Psychology.


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